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Harlan, Indiana - Fort Wayne, Indiana

We are glad you came to our site and we would love to talk with you about the new project you have in mind. We are local to the Fort Wayne Indiana area and don't mind coming out to give you a free estimate at your convenience. Our pricing is very competitive and our work is quality. We look forward to meeting you soon. Have a safe and wonderful day!

Dennis & Dan Schmucker
Creative Design & Construction, LLC, Contractors  General, Harlan, IN



We do a variety of home remodeling, renovation and home repair. Our Specialties are Roofing, Garage building, Decks, Concrete Driveways, Room Additions, basement foundations, basement wall repairs, new siding, new windows and lots more. We would like to help you with your new dream home or to turn your existing home into what you were dreaming of.




We do professional roofing, roof installations, shingle installation. We put on brand new roofs and also do re-roofing jobs. You can purchase the materials for the job or if we purchase the materials you can be sure that we will get you a quality 30 year shingle. We use excellent product brands like Owens-corning and IKO, and other quality materials, 50 year roofing shingles, standing seam & metal roofing. When we do your roofing we tarp off the bushes and thoroughly clean up everything before we leave. We also use a magnet to pick up all remaining nails from the premises.



Garages, Barns and Out Buildings

We build garages do garage construction projects. We construct many styles and designs, large or small of garages and out buildings. We can match the garage to your house if you like. Our garage building is quality workmanship and customer satisfaction is always our goal. We also build larger buidings such as barns and out buildings.



Thinking about a new deck or patio to make your home more beautiful? We design and build many types of custom decks and can work with your plans also. We try to make the process of constructing your new deck as pleasant as possible. We would like to make the deck or patio that you have been dreaming of. Decks for outdoor barbeques, sundecks, decks with staircases, wood decks, custom railings, gazebos, hot tub decks, garden patios and more. We buy all of our deck material from quality local companies. We are experts at patios and have some ideas you will be interested in. Call us today and let us help you with your new deck addition.



Concrete Driveways

We do concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios. Professional workmanship and experienced. We can help you with a new design or work with your design.

When we tear out your old driveway to put in a new one, we will haul away all the old material in a fast and thorough manner.





Room Additions

Our goal is to give you the most square footage for your dollar. We also do interior work including kitchens, wood floors, trim and more!






Remodeling or renovation is the process of improving your home which is what we are good at. Our renovations are typically for the residential market. We will be glad to come out and consult with you on your new remodeling project and give you an estimate on how much it will cost. Residential remodeling is continuing to climb at this time and has been a positive choice for many in our present economy. Some of the remodeling or renovation work that we do is:

- garage and room addition remodeling,
- basement finishing,
- cabinets,
- cabinet doors,
- decks & pergolas,
- kitchen & bath remodeling,
- outbuildings, barns,
- organization systems,
- roofing replacement,
- siding replacement,
- sunrooms/screen rooms/solariums,
- window replacement,
- foundation repair,
- basement repair and waterproofing.


Good luck on your next remodeling project and please let us know if we can help.




Basement and Foundation Repair

We can install:

(These transfer the structures load to a better soil level)

- Helical Piers (PDF info flyer)
- Helical Piles
- Foundation Supports
- Standard Support Brackets

Open PDF: Helical Pier installation and Helical Pile installation.


We offer:
- CrawlShield ™ (Crawl space vapor barrier - PDF info flyer )

We can take care of:

- Basement Cracking
- Waterproofing
- Sagging Floors
- Bowed Walls
- Joint Separations

We are skilled professionals in many types of remodeling and one area we know very well is basement wall and foundation repair and installation. If you have a crack in your basement wall you may need an expert to tell you how serious that crack is. When you call us to check it out, we may be able to save you time, trouble and unneeded expense in the long run. As a homeowner it will be wise for you to be up to speed in this area. We install helical piers, do foundation repair and waterproofing.


Helical Pier System

Installation of Helical Pier Foundation Systems. Helical piers (aka helical piles) are either square or round shafts with one or more helix bearing plates welded to the shaft. Helical piers are hydraulically “screwed” into load bearing soils. Grip-Tite’s helical piers have a true helix, meaning, the second and/or third helical plate follows the same path as the first when “screwed” into the soil. This minimizes the disruption of soil.

Helical piers can are used to repair an existing structure and also for new construction in place of micropiles, caissons, geopiers or other deep foundation systems. They can also be used instead of an over- excavation. The helical pier can be both time and cost effective.

When helical piers are used to repair an existing structure, they are “screwed” into the soil until a pre-determined torque is reached. A bracket is then placed on the steel shaft and positioned under the footing of the structure, transferring the load of the structure to the helical piers. The structure can then be stabilized or lifted back level.

Helical Piers have been in use for almost 200 years, and more recently have become more popular with engineers and contractors and used often in place of more costly alternatives.

Basement Waterproofing

Healthy Basement

The Grip-Tite Waterproofing System repairs wet or leaky basements and crawl spaces. We install a fully sealed sub floor drainage system engineered and designed solve water problems permanently with the added benefits you can ONLY get with a fully sealed system.

- Increased removal of dampness odors and entry of radon gas
- Improving the air quality and comfort in your home with noticeable heath benefits

Over 40%of air in the home comes from the basement healthier Basement is the best start for a healthier home and family.

Basement water and moisture problems:

We can solve your most difficult basement water and moisture problems. We help our customers improve the quality of their homes everyday. When you choose us, you're choosing our commitment to quality and customer service. Our daily rewards come from the recognition we receive from our customers. We take pride in creating a safe environment and a comfortable living space.


Foundation Problems

Here are some of the signs you should look for when it comes to foundation and settlement around your home.

On your home’s exterior you should look for the following:

Diagonal (stair-step) cracks in brick wall
Brick or mortar joints that vary in width
Tilting or leaning chimney
Separation of wood trim at joints and corners
Separation of concrete driveway, patio or sidewalk from the foundation

On your home’s interior:

- Cracks in sheetrock/plaster walls or ceilings
- Cracks in walls at corners
- Cracks in walls above doors
- Doors and windows that stick or are hard to open/close
- Un-even floor surfaces or sloping of floor
- Cracks in concrete floors (wider than 1/16th of inch)

If your home is experiencing any of these conditions, it is a good idea to consult with a foundation repair professional. A complete assessment of both your interior and exterior should be performed.

A professional foundation repair representative will ask questions regarding the area surrounding your home (nearby creeks, new construction, recent repairs), when you first noticed the problem(s), if they are more prevalent during certain weather seasons than others, age of the home, etc. This type of question and answer helps in the proper diagnosis of a foundation problem and providing a custom solution.


Wall Anchor Systems

Wall anchor systems and how are they installed

The wall anchor system is a property owner's alternative to completely removing and rebuilding foundation walls that have become cracked and bowed as a result of lateral earth pressures exceeding the allowable design capacity of the wall.

The Grip-Tite® Wall Anchor System consists of an interior wall plate, an exterior earth anchor and a connecting steel rod to stabilize foundation walls by counteracting the pressure being exerted against the wall. The system is utilized to anchor foundation walls and exterior earth retaining walls constructed of masonry block or cast-in-place concrete.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recognized wall anchors as a viable option for stabilizing basement/foundation walls. An April 24, 1992 HUD memorandum states, "There are three common ways to save bowing foundation walls:

Contractors install wall anchors on approximate 6’ centers. These stop further movement and with proper tension will eliminate some, if not all, of the bowing over time.

Another acceptable, but more expensive method, is to replace the affected walls.
The third is to use passive resistance such as grout filled channel steel or pilasters which may stop further movement. This is the least effective."

The GRIP-TITE® Wall Anchor System has been evaluated for compliance with all applicable building codes by building officials of the International Code Council (see ICC-ES Legacy Report #22-03).






Creative Design and Construction LLC is located in the northeast corner of Indiana and we offer our services anywhere up to a 50 mile radius of Fort Wayne Indiana. My brother Dan and I enjoy working to please our clients. We are very "hands on" and continually strive to give our clients the best quality at minimal cost. We look forward to hearing from you. Please give us a call today.

Phone: 260-403-8949

Dennis Schmucker




Luan Watson
"The team came out and did a room addition, re-roofed my home and did siding on my whole house. I would recommend them to anyone!"


Victor and Mary Mayor
"The Creative Design & Construction crew tore off 30 squares of roofing two layers thick and put it all back on again in only one day and you could harldy tell they had been there.""



Naomi Snyder, Harlan, IN
"I was very pleased with the workmanship of Creative Design and Construction. They completed the job in a timely manner. They also built the garage the way they said they would. I would recommend them to everybody."


Greg & Bethany Parker
"Thank you Dennis and all the guys from Creative Design and Construction for or new deck! We are so happy with the finished product - it has given us a whole new living space, perfect for enteraining, playing and relaxing. The crew was freindly and professional and we appreciated your willingness to work with us to make sure that our deck was exactly what we envisioned. The deck is a quality addition to our home that we will enjoy for many years to come."


Lisa Smith
"Thanks to Dennis and his family/crew, my husband has the garage of his dreams. The only problem is we should have made it bigger! I feel Dennis bent over backwards to make us happy which says a lot about his work ethic.



John Moore, Fort Wayne, IN (Room Addition 2014)

"This crew is simply amazing. They tore off a substandard 12x24' three season room, poured a new
footer and got it under roof again in three days. Interior work was done exactly to spec and ahead
of schedule and on budget. Beautifully done. We were simply delighted at the result."




Ken & Barb Thiel, Hicksville OH (Room Addition 2014)

"The crew came out and tore down a two story home and put us up a two bedroom, one bath home
which we love with walk-in closets. They matched our house - you can't even tell where they added
on at. They cleaned out thoroughly and got done ahead of schedule."



Gary Mesman, New Haven IN (Garage 2014)

"They built us an attached garage onto our home and poured us a new driveway. Would refer them
to anyone and would use them again."



Anonymous Fort Wayne (Room Addition 2014)
"Creative Design & Construction built us a 12 x 24' room addition with lots of windows and with an
awesome view. We would work with them again."








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